This polka dot collared blouse I wore yesterday is probably my favorite Forever 21 find this weekend. Let's all admit it, Forever 21 is probably the most hit or miss place besides a thrift store. I feel like I either hate everything or love too much. This weekend's new spring floor set really had me loving some of the styles and colors. I almost couldn't believe everything I found and the fact that almost everything was priced under $20! I'm going to put up my Forever 21 shopping haul from this weekend up later today so you guys can see everything I found. I'm excited to show you all!

Outfit details: My favorite sunnies (which I need to stop wearing with every outfit, can't help it they are too perfect) from HERE, Forever 21 polka dot blouse, Topshop jumper, H&M genuine leather shorts, and Steve Madden leopard print loafers.


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